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Rewarding Failure

The day after I point out once again the shortcomings of mass transit in Maryland, it looks like poor transportation..

The Tool and his Arena

Baltimore’s favorite toolbox Dan Rodricks once again pipes in with his tired argument about how important it is to build..

I Get Letters

I’m not going to spend too much time talking about the John Leopold piece in today’s Capital because it really..

Seeing Red

Now that their main man Martin is in the Governor’s Mansion, apparently the state budget running in the red is..

Setting the Bar Lower

Somebody call Dan Rodricks because his dream might come true. But probably not for the reasons he thought it would..

O’Malleynomics Strike Back

Low and behold, look which failed economic platform reared its ugly head again: Gov. Martin O’Malley unveiled yesterday a proposal..

Maxwell Can’t Fool Everybody

It looks like Kevin Maxwell’s campaign for more school money clearly isn’t fooling everybody. First, Eric Hartley in yesterday’s Capital:..

Color me Unimpressed

The defense put up by some Anne Arundel County legislators as to why they need to stay in Annapolis during..


Man, this takes either a great deal of guts or a great lack of foresight: As lawmakers worked Monday to..

Spend it like ya stole it

It’s becoming apparent that fiscal responsibility has no place in Annapolis, despite the best efforts of our Republican minority: The..

Cutting Crew

After raising billions in taxes and approving billions in new spending, the General Assembly finally realized “Hey, we have to..

Once and Again

No matter how bad the budget deficit gets, leftists in Annapolis still always come back the bad idea of public..

Don’t lose the point

Let’s start off this story by pointing out that Brenda Reiber made a really stupid decision by saying that information..

Good Money After Bad

I get criticized for calling for better controls on spending at public schools and universities before we throw more money..

Do the Math

You don’t say: Despite the tax increases and spending cuts approved in last month’s special legislative session, legislative analysts see..


Them’s a lot of zeros, bubba. I meant to post on this earlier but got sidetracked. In light of the..

My Brain Hurts

I’d resolved yesterday to not waste anymore time writing about Governor O’Malley’s risky scheme, to coin a phrase, to add..