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Unclear on the Concept

When faced by a problem created by overregulation, the first inclination of Maryland’s venture marxists is to increase regulation. Look..

Famous Last Words.

“There’s absolutely no question in my mind this is going to be a great project,”–David F. Hale (R-Owings), 2001 “We..


We’ve been covering BRACtion (to borrow a phrase coined by an advisor to Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon) for a while...

The New MARC Plan

Unlike a lot of my colleagues I’m generally in favor of subsidized mass transit. We subsidize highway construction and airline..

The Free Lunch Budget

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch posts a letter from fourteen “progressive” (i.e. far left) state senators to Governor O’Malley..

Dog Bites Man

The collapse of the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi in early August set off the predictable calls for more money..