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No Sense of Responsibility

Montgomery County is facing a $401 million budget shortfall. Presumably this is all the fault of a “structural deficit” created..

Unclear on the Concept

When faced by a problem created by overregulation, the first inclination of Maryland’s venture marxists is to increase regulation. Look..

We Win a Small One

The money grubbers at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation were defeated in their raid on our pocketbooks. It looks like a..

Famous Last Words.

“There’s absolutely no question in my mind this is going to be a great project,”–David F. Hale (R-Owings), 2001 “We..


We’ve been covering BRACtion (to borrow a phrase coined by an advisor to Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon) for a while...

The New MARC Plan

Unlike a lot of my colleagues I’m generally in favor of subsidized mass transit. We subsidize highway construction and airline..
More Hoodoo Economics

More Hoodoo Economics

Just below I touched a bit on what I believe to be either rank dishonesty or the most outrageous case..

A BRACtion Wakeup Call

In this episode the combo cash cow and golden goose of BRAC becomes a resource hog. From the Baltimore Sun:..

The Free Lunch Budget

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch posts a letter from fourteen “progressive” (i.e. far left) state senators to Governor O’Malley..

Dog Bites Man

The collapse of the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi in early August set off the predictable calls for more money..

Hope Is Not A Method

There are a couple of stories today that work well together especially if you are interested in how liberals operate..

Where Dreams Go to Die

Baltimore County seems on the verge of moving forward with the publicly funded redevelopment of the site of the former..

Venture Marxists

We all know what venture capitalists are but few are familiar with the exploits of the more widespread but lower..

All Your Stuff Are Belong To Us

From the Washington Post Howard County Executive Ken Ulman sharply defended his effort to require stricterenvironmental standards for commercial and..