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The Morality of Taxes

Sun reporter Michael Dresser provides virtually glowing commentary in beginning his article about the new “Millionaire’s bracket”. What does this..

Not no, but HELL no

Do you like the word “Supergovernment?” Well, at least one joker thinks this is a good idea: Check out the..

Plenty of Reasons Why

There is probably a good reason why the Free State Politics crowd stopped talking about global warming when Maryland’s conservative..

Amsued by their petulance

The petulance of FSP blogger “lefty” is amusing: All in all, here’s the deal: the debate is a foolish one,..


Crossposted on briangriffiths.com, RedMaryland, and Free State Politics…. OK, I’ve pretty much had enough of the liberal blogosphere trying to..

It still doesn’t register

Young Master Kujan still doesn’t understand the econ of this: Is it grounds to support a reactionary filibuster that could..