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I Get Letters

I Get Letters

Needless to say that yesterday’s post about Paul Foer earned me a nastygram….from Paul Foer: from Paul Foer to

Here we go again

Not that I want to continue to prop up the left wing through pointing out their fallacies, Eric Luedtke has..

Taking the good with the batty

Noted lefty-loon Michael Dresser actually looked like he was starting out with something interesting and sensible this morning: Tom Hicks..

This one’s a bad idea…

I think that I have been pretty clear about my support of privatizing toll roads and through private construction of..

Reading into it

The Sun also has a long story today about speeding tickets, and how the percentages of tickets given for certain..

The Piecemeal Approach

Looks like Democrats are planning on going for speed cameras one county at a time: Howard County’s legislators seem poised..

Mission Creep

Governor O’Malley is getting ready to push for new revenues, by trying to sneak in new revenue sources by putting..

Planning Effects

Usually we wind up complaining the government isn’t doing enough planning. So I suppose it would be hard to fault..