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Faster, Please

Faster, Please

You’ve probably already seen by now that the Maryland State Senate passed a bill to raise the speed limit on..

A Public-Private Pittance

Longtime readers know that I’ve long been crusading for privatization of state construction projects and transportation systems. So I was..

Red Maryland Radio: 2/21/13

Another big episode of Red Maryland Radio came at you tonight on the Red Maryland Network. Listen to internet radio with redmaryland..
Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Join us tonight at 8 PM for this week’s installment of Red Maryland Radio. We’ll  be discussing: The Anne Arundel County Council..

Why Not Monorail?

There was much consternation when the recommendations came out last year for the construction of the Baltimore Red Line. The..

Alternative Funding

You know that I have gotten on my privatization high horse more than once before, but it looks like on..

No Surprises

It was bound to come to this. It always does. Instead of responsibly cutting spending in order to protect what..

Baiting, Switching

Let’s end the year on a real down note, with the idea from Oregon that Big Brother is going to..

The Mess Continues

The Maryland Transit Administration continues to show day in and day out that failure is an option in Maryland State..

Off the Needed Path

Somehow, the ever sanctimonious Michael Dresser seems to think this is a feasible alternative to a new Bay Bridge: Perhaps,..