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It still doesn’t register

Young Master Kujan still doesn’t understand the econ of this: Is it grounds to support a reactionary filibuster that could..

Most Will Pay More

So reports the Baltimore Examiner’s Len Lazarick. This isn’t a surprise the non-comatose population of Maryland. We’ve known all along..
A Rorschach Test

A Rorschach Test

Look at these photos carefully. What do you see? The correct answer is new sources of sales tax revenue.

Tuesday’s Roundup

Our colleague Mark Newgent posted a roundup of yesterday’s activities in Annapolis here. Without duplicating it, this is where we..

The Gelding Makes a Threat

O’Malley Watch mentioned last week that the strong arm was being put on Democrats who were seen as being unreliable..

George Della: Waffler

A few months ago we noted with some suprise that state senator George Della had signed onto the Americans for..

The Cracks Appear

Governor O’Malley’s “three legged stool” strategy to solve the state’s “structural deficit”, i.e., tax increases, spending cuts, and slots, is..


Despite on not one, but two occasions endorsing the idea before, John Leopold is now dodging questions about his support..