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Nothing to be proud of

Speaker Mike Busch seems to be happy with himself if you believe this quote: “The governor took it all on..

That didn’t take long

Sure didn’t take long for the House and the Senate to agree on how much to hose Maryland’s taxpayers… I’m..

A Suggestion

It’s just a thought…but we really should let the people decide this issue at the ballot box. No, I’m not..

Tax Package In Trouble?

The O’Malley tax scheme will probably be inflicted upon us but it’s passage will provide hours of amusement in the..

Call Me Peter

Del. John L. Bohanan Jr. (D-St. Mary’s) added: “We can no longer continue to rob Peter to pay Paul to..

The Saturday Night Massacre

I’m just postulating this out loud, but if the leadership of the General Assembly was truly interested in being above..
Bobby Zirkin is a Dipstick

Bobby Zirkin is a Dipstick

Yesterday we commented on the contempt that Bobby Zirkin and a few of his colleagues showed for our intelligence. He,..

Oh, and another thing….

Memo to Sens. Astle, DeGrange, Dyson, Kramer and Zirkin: for not having the courage to support the filibuster, the tax..

Filibuster Fails by One Vote

The Republican filibuster of the Senate version of O’Malley’s tax scheme failed by one vote. All Republicans held firm. They..

We Win a Small One

The money grubbers at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation were defeated in their raid on our pocketbooks. It looks like a..