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Organizing for Action, formerly known as Obama for America, the president’s former campaign apparatus is campaigning to make climate change..
O’Malley’s Rain Tax

O’Malley’s Rain Tax

Give Governor Martin O’Malley credit.  Not only can he raise already existing taxes he can find new, ingenious levies to..

The Broadside Tonight 8pm

Tonight on The Broadside at 8pm. Labor attorney Vinny Vernuccio on Obama’s illegal recess appointments to the NLRB Delegate Justin..
Plan Fairyland Exposed

Plan Fairyland Exposed

I’ve been sounding the alarm about Governor O’Malley’s ill-conceived global warming policy (written and paid for by environmental special interests)..

More RGGI Fail

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative held its 13th quarterly auction last week. According to to RGGI’s contract consultant, the auction..

The Great Frack Attack

Here’s the policy brief I worked on for Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation exposing the donors, activists, foundations, media, and academics behind..

Another Energy Tax

Two Montgomery County state Senators, Rob Garagiola and Roger Manno, both Democrats have introduced legislation that will increase Maryland utility..
All fracked up

All fracked up

In a poor attempt at a balanced Baltimore Sun oped on hydraulic fracturing or fracking—the process of extracting natural gas..

Sin of Omission

The Baltimore Sun editorial board is manufacturing a lot of sturm and drang over a legislative proposal requiring the University..

Maryland’s Own Climategate

Some may be aware of the climate change scandal emanating from the leaked emails out of East Anglia University’s Climate..

A Measure of Reason?

As predicted the Baltimore Sun Editorial board lauded the abomination that is the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill, passed by..