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Oligarchy Rules

The final day of the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative session is called sine die, which is Latin for “without day.”..

Well How About That

Remember back at the end of 2007 when the Baltimore Sun boldly proclaimed “the deficit slain” ? It was an..

Stealing Bases

Note Baltimore Sun editorialist Andy Green’s clever attempt to steal a base: But save for the brief moment after Mr...

The O’Malley Deficit

There is other news today. Martin O’Malley’s deficit was a major story in the Washington Post today: Maryland could face..

One of them is wrong

State Comptroller Peter Franchot: Dear President Miller and Speaker Busch: As you know, Governor O’Malley has signed an Executive Order..
The Budget Apocalypse

The Budget Apocalypse

Governor O’Malley pulled out all the stops to campaign for a historic program of tax and spending increases with the..

Another Trial Balloon Floated

Governor O’Malley is lofting another trial balloon. An inflation indexed gas tax. For politicians this has a big advantage. They..

More Eyewash from O’Governor

Today’s Washington Post reveals that Governor O’Malley is not simply a taxaholic. He’s actually a very compassionate man who is..

Don’t Look Behind the Curtain

If you want to understand Maryland’s “structural deficit” you need look no further. Maryland health advocates and their allies in..

A Tax Revolt?

In the Maryland legislature. According to the Examiner O’Malley’s trial balloon for increasing the number of categories of goods and..