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Watchdog Wire Radio Episode 3

Episode 3 of Watchdog Wire Radio is up  Governor O’Malley doubles down on failing renewable energy policy. Brian Griffiths on..

Another Tuition Freeze

So Obama is gracing our country with a big fat stimulus package, also known as the Porkulus. The intent of..

Dog Bites Man

In one of the least surprising things around you’ll find, taxpayers aren’t exactly enamored with bigger and badder government: In..

The Beginning of the End?

Ed Fuelener from Heritage made some very valid points about the Stimulus Debacle: This bill has been advertised as an..

Feeling Unstimulated

It’s bad enough that Democrats in Congress have forced the unwanted, unnecessary, and unsavory stimulus plan down the throats of..

I Get Letters….

Judd Legum springs to Judd Legum’s defense by email: Dear Brian: Thanks for your interest in my blog. I just..