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King Statement

I was forwarded a copy of a statement released by the aforementioned Delegate James King. This is the statement, without..

Tax Package In Trouble?

The O’Malley tax scheme will probably be inflicted upon us but it’s passage will provide hours of amusement in the..

Busch has lost control

Insider sources are telling me that Mike Busch has lost control of the House Chamber. You will note today that..

We Hear….

that the House has adjourned for the evening and will reconvene at 10am tomorrow. This would seem to mean that..

Drama in Annapolis

WBAL is reporting that the whole slots deal is on the verge of the China Syndrome. Key grafs: Senate President..

Our Trip to Abilene

One of most instructive concepts in organizational behavior is Jerry Harvey’s Abilene Paradox in which an organization takes a course..

Call Me Peter

Del. John L. Bohanan Jr. (D-St. Mary’s) added: “We can no longer continue to rob Peter to pay Paul to..


It is hard not to be pessimistic after last week’s episode of the special session. Massive taxes rolled through with..

The Saturday Night Massacre

I’m just postulating this out loud, but if the leadership of the General Assembly was truly interested in being above..

Oh, and another thing….

Memo to Sens. Astle, DeGrange, Dyson, Kramer and Zirkin: for not having the courage to support the filibuster, the tax..