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Only now does it seem that Annapolis Democrats are finally beginning to realize the hole they dug for themselves during..

The Canary in the Coal Mine

You know that Maryland’s Democratic leadership has made some poor choices on taxes and spending when one of their own..

Capital checks the facts

Kudos to Liam Farrell and the Capital staff for digging into the actual facts of the Special Session document forging..

Lest We Forget

As the Special Session rolls into the rear view mirror, last week’s promises to take action against those who made..

An Endangered Species

That would be Maryland Republicans according to Wryoak. I don’t know that I would engage in quite so much triumphalism..

Right and Wrong

Isaac Smith is both right and wrong at the same time: It’s good that the special session didn’t collapse, but..

Leave it to Leopold

John Leopold has to be the only Republican mad that the General Assembly passed a tax of his: Leopold was..

A Shameful Performance

As my old man would say, “we’ve been beaten like a rented mule.” To mix metaphors we can put all..


Wow, the folks at the Sun are really perceptive: Marylanders will feel a pinch in their pocketbooks every time they..

Nothing to be proud of

Speaker Mike Busch seems to be happy with himself if you believe this quote: “The governor took it all on..

Full Circle

Michael Swartz brought the Special Session and members of the Republican Caucus full circle when he made an excellent point..

That didn’t take long

Sure didn’t take long for the House and the Senate to agree on how much to hose Maryland’s taxpayers… I’m..

Back to Back

That’s two weekends in a row the House has been held late: Voters are likely to get the final say..

A Suggestion

It’s just a thought…but we really should let the people decide this issue at the ballot box. No, I’m not..


My good friend Nic Kipke had his breakfast fundraiser this morning, and originally the guest speaker was supposed to be..