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Great Minds Think Alike

Apparently, I’m not the only cat who digs the idea of table games: As Gov. Martin O’Malley makes a pitch..

A Good Point

From the Baltimore Sun: As Gov. Martin O’Malley makes a pitch for slot machine gambling as part of his attempt..
More Hoodoo Economics

More Hoodoo Economics

Just below I touched a bit on what I believe to be either rank dishonesty or the most outrageous case..

Why slots won’t work

My esteemed RedMaryland colleague Streiff noted today that Governor O’Malley finally unleashed an expected piece of his budget-gap closing arsenal:..

It’s Official

From the AP by way of the Frederick News Post: Governor Martin O’Malley will introduce a proposal to legal slots..

…and bull**** walks

So I’m betting that Luiz Simmons (D-someplace in Montgomery County) is lacing up his hiking boots. According to the Washington..

Hmmmm, Okay

Sometimes a politician says something that is very revealing about their true character. From today’s Washington Times on an interview..
Diogenes Disrespected

Diogenes Disrespected

State Comptroller Peter Franchot is rapidly becoming a combination of Diogenes and Rodney Dangerfield. In his first encounter with the..

Here Come the Slots

I am agnostic on the subject of slots. They are, in my view, like most other human activities a null..