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Drama in Annapolis

WBAL is reporting that the whole slots deal is on the verge of the China Syndrome. Key grafs: Senate President..

Our Trip to Abilene

One of most instructive concepts in organizational behavior is Jerry Harvey’s Abilene Paradox in which an organization takes a course..

Just Make It Up

This appears to be the motto of the O’Malley financial brain trust. We’ve seen them promise that the governor’s plan..

The Cracks Appear

Governor O’Malley’s “three legged stool” strategy to solve the state’s “structural deficit”, i.e., tax increases, spending cuts, and slots, is..

Dooming Slots?

The O’Malley administration can’t even propose slots without messing things up: Maryland slot machine operators will pay one of the..


My colleague Streiff as noted went and contacted the offices of the sponsors of HB47 and HB48 that I wrote..

Rick Impallaria Responds

My colleague Brian Griffiths took a few members of the Republican caucus to task on some of the legislation they..

I Don’t Get This

Why are ostensibly conservative Republicans sponsoring HB47 and HB48? HB47 would require that a special gaming card be obtained in..

Here Come the Catches

As the start of his campaign to convince Marylanders that the only way to balance the state’s miserable budget was..
The Cowardly Lion

The Cowardly Lion

When does a lack of courage finally manifest itself in wishful thinking? We have the answer. Gov. Martin O’Malley has..

A Differing View

For instance, my colleagues P. Kenneth Burns and Brian Griffiths take the view that the Republican caucus in the state..

A Gambling Gamble

Senate Republicans today said no to the O’Malley slots plan: Senate Republican leaders said that they do not support a..

Republicans Unite on Slots

[UPDATE: the announcement is scheduled for 1 pm.] According to sources in Annapolis Senate Minority Leaders David Brinkley will announce,..