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The Imagination Runs Wild…

The Sun: Anthony W. McCarthy, a top aide and spokesman in Mayor Sheila Dixon’s administration, is being investigated by Baltimore..
Forward to the Past

Forward to the Past

If you needed any proof that a Sheila Dixon administration was going to be incapable of acting in any way..

Sheila Dixon Wins

Okay, this is not a big surprise. According to the most recent returns she beat Keiffer Mitchell and the rest..

Rewarding Failure

Consider me less than surprised that the Sun endorsed Sheila Dixon this morning. Which includes this curious paragraph: Among her..

The Chief Ramsey Bandwagon

P. Kenneth Burns at Maryland Politics Today is joining us in climbing aboard the bandwagon supporting former DC Police Chief..

Slowly Shakes His Head

At the risk of getting Andrew Kujan’s panties all twisted up I have to comment on another untoward going on..

Once and Future Chief, or so we hope

From the Baltimore Sun: The Baltimore Police Department’s acting commissioner and the former chief of Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department have..
Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

My colleague Mark Newgent writes below about the damning report issued on the Baltimore Fire Department’s training academy and the..

Oooooh. Classy.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the “white candidate” in Baltimore’s mayoral primary is talking tough: Taking his most negative approach..

BRACtion Nonsense

I’ve said on several occasions (like here and here) that the Dixon administration’s focus on BRAC is simply misguided if..

Right Twice A Day

I’m not a big fan of the Baltimore Police Department. It’s shameless incompetence and haplessness in the face of a..
Pigs to the Trough

Pigs to the Trough

From the Baltimore Sun: Looking to attract a share of the defense workers expected to stream into Maryland in the..

Baltimore Dreamin’

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is trying to jump on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) gravy train. Mayor Sheila Dixon..

An Odd Comment

This series of statements from this morning’s Sun is just odd: Mayor Sheila Dixon said yesterday that she replaced her..