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The Air Raid: April 17, 2016

The Air Raid: April 17, 2016

Until Baltimore voters decide to dismantle the machine, nothing is going to change. Nobody really thinks that Catherine Pugh and..
Devil’s Dance

Devil’s Dance

Baltimore Democrats wish Sheila Dixon’s legal troubles would just go away: The new indictments issued last week in the City..

Sheila Dixon and the Machine

My column in today’s Baltimore Examiner: No matter the outcome of the allegations of theft and perjury involving developer Ronald..

Proving My Point

I’m pretty sure I told this story on RedMaryland Radio at one point, but never here on the blogs. Last..

Setting the Bar Lower

Somebody call Dan Rodricks because his dream might come true. But probably not for the reasons he thought it would..

Get Real

Mark Newgent touched on this earlier, but while we’re on the subject of violating the public trust, who is surprised..