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Five Years and No Fix

This year marks five years of the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Commission, something that we have covered at..

Of Course He Does

I’m not going to wax too poetic about the fact that Anne Arundel School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell wants more money..

Talking School Board

Be sure to check out my column from today’s Maryland Gazette discussing the need for an elected school board here..

Take the Hint

So it looks like once again the School Board Nominating Commission is trying to hunt and peck to find people..

A Slap in the Face

This feels like one giant smack coming from the Anne Arundel County Board of Education: The Anne Arundel County school..


…..at least somebody is an honest broker when acknowledging the fact that new Board of Ed appointee and unregistered Democratic..

Sunlight, Please

Even the Capital, long a cheerleader of the Anne Arundel School Board Nominating Commission, is aghast at the closed door..

Maxwell Can’t Fool Everybody

It looks like Kevin Maxwell’s campaign for more school money clearly isn’t fooling everybody. First, Eric Hartley in yesterday’s Capital:..

Kevin Maxwell: Smartass

Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell decided to respond to John Leopold’s budget statement with less comments about how..