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Start Here

During the 2010 campaign season Jim Geraghty’s Campaign Spot blog on National Review Online was must reading. Jim had a..

Thoughts on RWAAC-Gate

There was a story in the Capital yesterday about pressure on RWAAC President Joyce Thomann to resign in light of..

The Five in 33

Surprisingly (at least to me) only five candidates applied to fill the State Senate vacancy created by the resignation of..

Don’t Wince…..Act

There is a piece by Dan Balz in the Post today nothing that some Republicans are “wincing” by the statements..
Run Michael Run

Run Michael Run

This is good news: Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has decided to run for the chairmanship of the Republican..


As many of you know myself, Greg Kline, and others have spent a significant amount of time talking about GOP..

Full Circle

Michael Swartz brought the Special Session and members of the Republican Caucus full circle when he made an excellent point..

You’ve heard this before

We have talked on the Conservative Refuge Podcasts over the course of the past year about rebuilding the Republican brand,..

A Gambling Gamble

Senate Republicans today said no to the O’Malley slots plan: Senate Republican leaders said that they do not support a..

Brokered Time

The New Republic (of all places) has an interesting piece about the prospects of a brokered GOP convention next year...

Run Peter Run

The dominating Ravens defense is now going to try and tackle a new arena: politics. And the good kind: Former..