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Metro Must Change or Die

Metro Must Change or Die

Anybody who has ridden the Washington Metro knows it’s an absolute disaster. This isn’t news. I wrote in 2007: “The..

Funding the Trough

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has proposed selling four city-owned parking garages in order to fund the construction of new recreation..

Good Money After Bad

The City of Baltimore decided to do an extensive investigation into the city-owned Hilton Hotel. And their decision on this..

A Small Step Forward

If you’ve been paying attention to things that I have written over the years, one topic that keeps coming up..

A Public-Private Pittance

Longtime readers know that I’ve long been crusading for privatization of state construction projects and transportation systems. So I was..

Red Maryland Radio: 6/21/2012

Another great episode of Red Maryland Radio came at you this week: Listen to internet radio with redmaryland on Blog Talk Radio..

Red Maryland Radio tonight

Red Maryland Radio returns tonight at 8 PM only on the Red Maryland Network. Tonight, Greg Kline returns to work, and..


Five years ago I said sell Rocky Gap. Seriously. Five years ago.On Wednesday, it will actually become a reality: After..

Public Losses

Government is designed to provide services that the public cannot provide itself. Government is not deisgned to be a hotelier,..

Space Oddities

Yesterday the DC area was treated to the spectacle of the Space Shettle Discovery taking its final journey, being ferried..

Alternative Funding

You know that I have gotten on my privatization high horse more than once before, but it looks like on..

Ray of Hope

As many of you know I have long been an advocate of privatizing many state government operations in an effort..

There are options

The ever incompetent Maryland Transit Administration seems to think that there is no way for them to fund their proposed..

Private Ventures

Looks like NASA is starting to finally get real (H/T Instapundit) For decades, NASA kept a tight fist around the..

Stupid Government Tricks

Good grief: Maryland Stadium Authority chairman Frederick W. Puddester has begun discussions with legislators about creating a statewide panel to..