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Tag Archives: presidential politics

What We Learned

Well, I’m not sure how much we can legitimately learn from yesterday’s election results. We got our butts kicked, and..

You Gotta Wonder

Maybe this explains why the left wing doesn’t get economics. FSP’er Scott Goldberg said this: In order to help John..

Hope? Change? Nope

If what ABC is reporting is true (H/T Erick Erickson), and that Joe Biden is now receiving Secret Service protection,..

VP Speculation

I know that we all made our VP Speculation months ago. But after watching the “forum” last night I had..

No, No, No

There is nothing that could possibly be any worse for the Republican brand than this: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee..

My (New) Man Mitt

Well, now with the disappointing news about Fred Thompson’s withdrawal from the race, this is no time to sit on..