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Franchot’s Gambit

Comptroller Peter Franchot has gone out a bit on a ledge in order to try to get the computer tax..

Cutting Crew

After raising billions in taxes and approving billions in new spending, the General Assembly finally realized “Hey, we have to..

Time for a Red Card

Apparently the O’Malley folks still don’t realize the state has money problems: With negotiations to build a stadium for D.C...

The Canary in the Coal Mine

You know that Maryland’s Democratic leadership has made some poor choices on taxes and spending when one of their own..
Peter Franchot As Parody

Peter Franchot As Parody

“I do wish to express my opposition to any effort to link this health care plan with slot machine gambling,”..

One of them is wrong

State Comptroller Peter Franchot: Dear President Miller and Speaker Busch: As you know, Governor O’Malley has signed an Executive Order..

Misusing the Office

We have gone over before the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Comptroller and Peter Franchot’s inability to..

Not A Good Idea

“It appears the fewer cases that the revenue officers have assigned to them, the less work they do,” McKean told..

The Beginning?

Comptroller Peter Franchot unleashed this criticism of the O’Malley tax plan this week: State Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized government leaders..

Sense from Stoltzfus

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the Sen. Lowell Stoltzfus wrote an op-ed in today’s Sun that’s probably..

A Little Common Sense

Common sense is a great resource and Comptroller Peter Franchot may very well have a monopoly on that commodity in..
Diogenes Disrespected

Diogenes Disrespected

State Comptroller Peter Franchot is rapidly becoming a combination of Diogenes and Rodney Dangerfield. In his first encounter with the..