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Pipe Dreams

The Sun had a reasonably written editorial this morning encouraging action that will not likely occur in this or any..

The Impact of O’Malleynomics

Governor’s Martin O’Malley’s seemingly neverending quest to destroy Maryland’s middle and working class families looks like it is right on..

Double Take

I had to do a double take when I saw this mini-editorial posted on the Sun website: The Maryland Public..

Squeezing for the Last Drops

As if Governor Martin O’Malley hasn’t spent enough money, hasn’t raised enough taxes, and hasn’t bloated the size of the..

Thanks for playing along

Republicans, conservatives, and sane people in the state of Maryland have been saying for some time now that fiscal policy..

Fool me once, shame on you….

….but apparently, you can get fooled again: Gov. Martin O’Malley plans to introduce emergency legislation Wednesday that would give the..

Easily Predictable

Remember when Governor O’Malley insisted on raising discretionary spending by $500 million back during the 2007 Special Session? Yeah, about..

The O’Malley Bailout

National Review’s editorial on the particulars of President-elect Obama’s stimulus plan is a must read. One paragraph sticks out, as..

No Kidding

I’m pretty sure that bloggers, Republicans, and those with an ounce of common sense saw this coming: It wasn’t supposed..

Resurrecting the Myth

A column in the Sun by Atwood “Woody” Collins III, Chairman of the Greater Baltimore Committee, this morning once again..

Welcome to the Real World

We have noted for some time the general fiscal incompetence of the O’Malley Administration, and the generally morally reprehensible ideology..

This should have come first

Give credit where credit is due: Martin O’Malley finally realizes that spending cuts are going to have to happen: Gov...

Class is in session

Eric Luedtke, after discussing some language from Progressive Maryland, on the state of working Maryland: This is what makes efforts..

Does anyone understand?

If you want to understand why the O’Malley Administration cannot get a handle of basic economics, and if you want..

Our Fiscal Dilemma

Issac Smith had a quote in a comment today in FSP that I thought was worthy of note. “We have..