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Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Listen to internet radio with redmaryland on BlogTalkRadio Another big episode of Red Maryland Radio . On this show: Democrats like to..
Graph of the Day

Graph of the Day

If Martin O’Malley wants to talk about jobs….let’s talk about jobs. Our friends at NetRightDaily give this about Maryland’s employment..

Hype, Reality, Gimmicks

If you listen to Martin O’Malley, you would think that Maryland is the land of milk and honey when it..


It its clearly obvious that the people in Martin O’Malley’s office do not know how to use Google. Martin O’Malley,..

Slick Spots

Martin O’Malley’s endorsement of union violence isn’t the only bad decision that’s coming back to bite him. After all, his..

O’Malley loses The Sun

You have to know that the budgetary mess that Governor O’Malley has created for the people of Maryland is bad..

State needs to help roll film

I just wanted to expand upon something that we discussed yesterday on the Ehrlichs Radio Show about Martin O’Malley’s work..

Not Good Enough

Well it looks like the General Assembly’s Spending Affordability Committee has advised Governor O’Malley to freeze state spending when he..

Other People’s Money

Who else is stunned by this development? A union representing more than 30,000 Maryland state employees asked Gov. Martin O’Malley..


Adam Pagnucco reported on Friday about Governor O’Malley’s fundraiser that was scheduled for today………..in South Beach………..at a place called “The..

Now and Then

Remember the good old days, say about 2006, when Bob Ehrlich was in the process of leaving Maryland with a..

Hope and Change Pain

It is obvious to everybody that President Obama’s handling of the economy leaves much to be desired. With monetary giveaways..

Never Ceasing to Amaze

This is not the first time we have heard Democrats float this idea, but it never ceases to amaze me..

Asking for It

So Governor O’Malley, devoid of any ideas of his own in how to manage a budget responsibly, is asking the..


In Martin O’Malley’s never ending quest to show he is incompetent when it comes to fiscal matters, he announced his..