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Bad News for O’Governor

From the Examiner State revenues this year are projected to fall $132 million behind official estimates, worsening a budget picture..

More Eyewash from O’Governor

Today’s Washington Post reveals that Governor O’Malley is not simply a taxaholic. He’s actually a very compassionate man who is..

The New Kleptocrats

I suppose this is news. Governor O’Malley is trying to stuff every nook and cranny in the state government with..

The Missing Words

This morning’s Sun headline is almost good: Cutting deficit with smoke. Problem is, the headline writer forgot to say “and..

The Testing Dilemma

Gregory Kane writes today on the dilemma facing state school superintendent Nancy Grasmick over testing. Grasmick’s taking heat for proposing..

The Sales Tax Increase

For all of his woofing about fairness in taxation, Governor O’Malley will be leading with a proposal to increase the..
A Failing Grade

A Failing Grade

Governor O’Malley says Maryland Schools Superintendant Nancy S. Grasmick needs to hit the road. Mr. O’Malley said he would like..

Hmmmm, Okay

Sometimes a politician says something that is very revealing about their true character. From today’s Washington Times on an interview..
Just Another Payoff

Just Another Payoff

The O’Malley administration is showing itself adept at making lemonade out of lemons. Taxes are going to be raised but..

Not a Good Sign

It is hard to view the appointment of long time O’Malley retainer Ralph S. Tyler III as insurance commissioner with..

Special Session Flimflam

The Baltimore Sun makes a great point today. The prospective special legislative session that Governor O’Malley, Senate President Mike Miller,..
Three Neros

Three Neros

Right now Governor O’Malley and Senate President Mike Miller are pushing for a special legislative session this autumn to address..

One Missing

The Sun’s Andrew Green had a Cliff Notes version of the deficit problem in today’s paper. Which also includes this..

Rewarding Failure

Consider me less than surprised that the Sun endorsed Sheila Dixon this morning. Which includes this curious paragraph: Among her..

Spiro Agnew II

One can’t even begin to explain it. A land deal. A developer. A non-profit that isn’t much more than a..

The Liberal Mind At Work

Gov. O’Malley apparently sat down for a lengthy interview with a reporter from The Capital, resulting in some fabulous blogging..

And out come the wolves…

Grab on to your wallet, because here comes Team O’Malley to stick it to everybody: Now Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration..

Closing the Barn Door

Now that his cronies have been paid off, Governor O’Malley is proposing to regularize the process by which the state..