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Make or Break

The Baltimore Sun gives us some details of the maneuvering going on as a special session of the legislature, a..

The High Cost of Taxation

The accounting firm of Ernst & Young has produced a study on the impact of Governor O’Malley’s proposed tax increases,..

The Beginning?

Comptroller Peter Franchot unleashed this criticism of the O’Malley tax plan this week: State Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized government leaders..

A Dog’s Breakfast

Yesterday we commented briefly about O’Malley taking some few minutes to attempt to bamboozle seniors about how they are going..

A Good Point

From the Baltimore Sun: As Gov. Martin O’Malley makes a pitch for slot machine gambling as part of his attempt..
More Hoodoo Economics

More Hoodoo Economics

Just below I touched a bit on what I believe to be either rank dishonesty or the most outrageous case..

Why slots won’t work

My esteemed RedMaryland colleague Streiff noted today that Governor O’Malley finally unleashed an expected piece of his budget-gap closing arsenal:..

Unconstitutionally Ours

This mysteriously was nowhere to be found in the Sun, but the O’Malley administration got cut off at the pass..

It’s Official

From the AP by way of the Frederick News Post: Governor Martin O’Malley will introduce a proposal to legal slots..

Another Trial Balloon Floated

Governor O’Malley is lofting another trial balloon. An inflation indexed gas tax. For politicians this has a big advantage. They..

Water is Wet, Fire is Hot

Martin O’Malley can pander with the best of them. (hat tip to O’Malley Watch) The Washington Blade reports that all..

Only Here…

Only in Maryland can a Governor martyr himself for proposing an income tax cut that will return $90 a year..

Fuzzy Tax Math

(Crossposted) As part of his rhetoric at the “kitchen table” unveiling of more details on new taxes, “Governor MOM” declared..