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Dance, Dance Revolution

I shouldn’t give the O’Malleyistas any more ideas, but this sounds like something the General Assembly would come up with,..

Mission Creep

Governor O’Malley is getting ready to push for new revenues, by trying to sneak in new revenue sources by putting..

Most Will Pay More

So reports the Baltimore Examiner’s Len Lazarick. This isn’t a surprise the non-comatose population of Maryland. We’ve known all along..

Just Make It Up

This appears to be the motto of the O’Malley financial brain trust. We’ve seen them promise that the governor’s plan..

The Cracks Appear

Governor O’Malley’s “three legged stool” strategy to solve the state’s “structural deficit”, i.e., tax increases, spending cuts, and slots, is..

Dooming Slots?

The O’Malley administration can’t even propose slots without messing things up: Maryland slot machine operators will pay one of the..


Them’s a lot of zeros, bubba. I meant to post on this earlier but got sidetracked. In light of the..