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Cutting Crew

After raising billions in taxes and approving billions in new spending, the General Assembly finally realized “Hey, we have to..

The Overnight Scoop

As usual O’Malley Watch has the blow-by-blow account of overnight action in the General Assembly replete with backroom deals, illegal..

Marylanders Agree With O’Malley

O’Malley Watch posted an interesting story yesterday, partially tongue in cheek, on O’Gov’s propensity for taxing things that doesn’t affect..

On the Money

A couple of weeks ago our beau ideal O’Malley Watch correctly predicted the date of the special legislative session Governor..

Spiro Agnew II

One can’t even begin to explain it. A land deal. A developer. A non-profit that isn’t much more than a..

The Ocean City Boondoggle

O’Malley Watch has a priceless review of the Maryland Association of Counties boondoggle over the weekend in Ocean City. Imagine..

The Drama Continues

O’Malley Watch has more on the Great O’Malley Land Scam in Queen Anne County. Long story short: What the companies..

…Signifying Nothing

The Baltimore Sun reports on a decision by Governor O’Malley to conduct an end run around the state legislature and..

Calling Shennanigans

O’Malley Watch calls shennanigans on Governor O’Malley’s “working vacation” and his proposed tax increase targeting the successful and productive. He..

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

That’s the sound your money makes going into the piggy bank of O’Malley’s political allies. The Board of Public Works..

The Land Deal Continues

Kudos to O’Malley Watch for following this brazen attempt by the O’Malley administration to aid and abet their cronies in..

O’Malley Watch Obsession

David Keelan at Howard County Maryland Blog has an interesting point of view on the Democrat obsession with O’Malley Watch:..

Slap Fight

There is a serious slap fight underway between O’Malley Watch and the Maryland Democrat Party. Seems to me that O’Malley..