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This is a Joke, Right

This is a Joke, Right

Our friend Len Lazarick published this map, which may be one of the Democrats Congressional Redistricting proposals put forth in..
“It’s Miller Time”

“It’s Miller Time”

Red Maryland has obtained exclusive video of the the first case to come before newly appointed Anne Arundel County District..

Get Real

Len Lazarick reported yesterday about the work of the General Assembly Compensation Commission, which determines whether or not the members..

Once and Again and Again

Last year I wrote this: No matter how bad the budget deficit gets, leftists in Annapolis still always come back..

Remember This

“I said, you know they are riding high right now but what’s going to happen is we’re going to come..

Come Again?

As usual, the Annapolis insiders provide us with a startling look into their lack of reality: The president of the..

Too Smart by Half

Eric Luedtke trots out a theory that Mike Miller is in all actuality going to retire, he’s just not telling..

Tax Package In Trouble?

The O’Malley tax scheme will probably be inflicted upon us but it’s passage will provide hours of amusement in the..

Drama in Annapolis

WBAL is reporting that the whole slots deal is on the verge of the China Syndrome. Key grafs: Senate President..

The Gelding Makes a Threat

O’Malley Watch mentioned last week that the strong arm was being put on Democrats who were seen as being unreliable..

It starts tomorrow

Annapolis’ long-awaited version of budgetary Armageddon comes to town tomorrow. And let’s face it: other than the fact that taxpayers..

The Skids Are Greased

Mike Miller and Mike Busch are predicting that Governor O’Malley will get his tax package passed by the special session...

A Lack of Respect

In today’s Sun we get a glimpse at what will probably occur during the Oct 29 special session. Not much...