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Power at Any Cost

We’ve got ourselves another drama in the Anne Arundel County Delegation of the House of Delegates, where Speaker Mike Busch..

Nothing to be proud of

Speaker Mike Busch seems to be happy with himself if you believe this quote: “The governor took it all on..

Tax Package In Trouble?

The O’Malley tax scheme will probably be inflicted upon us but it’s passage will provide hours of amusement in the..

Busch has lost control

Insider sources are telling me that Mike Busch has lost control of the House Chamber. You will note today that..

Drama in Annapolis

WBAL is reporting that the whole slots deal is on the verge of the China Syndrome. Key grafs: Senate President..

A message to Speaker Busch

After reading what Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch told the Washington Times, I dashed off a quick message to him:..

It starts tomorrow

Annapolis’ long-awaited version of budgetary Armageddon comes to town tomorrow. And let’s face it: other than the fact that taxpayers..

The Skids Are Greased

Mike Miller and Mike Busch are predicting that Governor O’Malley will get his tax package passed by the special session...

Busch Favors Civil Unions

House Speaker Mike Busch says he’s in favor of ‘civil unions’ to the extent they are different from marriage. Homosexual..

You’re On Your Own

That is the subtext of the message Governor O’Malley received from Senate President Mike Miller. “The governor’s going to have..

Special Session Flimflam

The Baltimore Sun makes a great point today. The prospective special legislative session that Governor O’Malley, Senate President Mike Miller,..
Three Neros

Three Neros

Right now Governor O’Malley and Senate President Mike Miller are pushing for a special legislative session this autumn to address..

Here Come the Slots

I am agnostic on the subject of slots. They are, in my view, like most other human activities a null..

What’s the Downside?

(Crossposted) Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch says lawmakers may cut 1,000 state..