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Weldon on the Mount

Weldon on the Mount

Yeah, there is video of Weldon leaving the Republican Party (H/T to Wally Edge for this find): Digest that for..

Good Riddance

Delegate Rick Weldon has left the Republican Party. As the guy who told Weldon to not let the door hit..

No Model

John Leopold continue his campaign to be anointed as the Republican Nominee for Governor in 2010 by calling urging the..

An Inspired Choice

Justin Ready has been tapped to be the New Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party. And if you are..

Lacking Speculation

There has been a lack of speculation out there regarding the possible names who are being considered to fill the..

Two Days Late

Two days after reading it here, the Sun finally gets around to reporting John Flynn’s departure (without crediting me, of..


This note from Jim Pelura is being sent around, sent yesterday: From: “James Pelura”Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:21:44 Subject:..

BREAKING: John Flynn out?

GOP Insiders are telling me that Maryland State GOP Executive Director John Flynn has resigned from his post to take..

Today, we close ranks

“Let’s grow up Conservatives. If we want to take this party back, and I think we can, let’s get to..

John Flynn’s Warped World

If this quote is even close to accurate…..: Before the first vote is cast Tuesday in Maryland’s primary, the state’s..

Another Paul Person

Yes, PolitickerMD.com reports that another Ron Paul flunky has filed for Congress, this time in the 2nd District. This just..

Things in CD-3

So a Christopher Panasuk is a candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, as well as a candidate for..

You’ve heard this before

We have talked on the Conservative Refuge Podcasts over the course of the past year about rebuilding the Republican brand,..