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Red Maryland Radio: 5-5-2011

On this episode of Red Maryland Radio: Brian, Greg, and Mark discuss Michael Swartz’s piece on the Maryland Republican Party..

And now, the Adult Perspective

House Minority Leader Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio gave the adult perspective of our state’s situation by delivering the Republican Response to the..

The Danger in Litmus Testing

I already wrote extensively about the bad news that Senator Allan Kittleman’s resignation from leadership has for the State Party..

Forests and Trees

Today’s news that State Senator Allan Kittleman was resigning as majority leader in part due to his support of Civil..

Unite or Die

The primary election season is now over. And now we move on to what is next. As everbody expected Bob..

Playing the Hand Your Dealt

I don’t often disagree with Streiff’s assessment of local politics, but I don’t think his assessment of yesterday’s budget hearings..

Where there is Smoke….

If you remember the Derek Fink story from earlier this month, you can conclusively say that there is trouble in..

The Perils of Choosing One

Life’s tough when you’re the chosen one in a local election. Take, for example, Derek Fink a Republican candidate for..

3B, or not 3B

We have done a pretty extensive job of documenting the situation in District 3B, from the resignation of turncoat Rick..

Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Well, it looks like we’ve got another self-made crisis in the Maryland Republican Party, as Jim Pelura fired Justin Ready..


Today, MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura fired executive director, Justin Ready. Chairman James Pelura III asked for Executive Director Justin Ready’s..

Let the Fun Begin!

Long the subject of retirement rumor and speculation, Senator Janet Greenip (R-33) confirmed to the Annapolis Capital that she will..
Stumping for Steele

Stumping for Steele

As you would expect, there was a ton of support for Michael Steele at the Convention on Friday night, and..