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MD Dems Take the Gold for Shameless Hypocrisy

[<a href=”http://storify.com/MarkNewgent/md-dems-only-like-their-middle-class-tax-hikes” target=”_blank”>View the story “Maryland Dems Only Like THEIR Middle Class Tax Hikes” on Storify</a>]<h1>Maryland Dems Only Like THEIR..

Democrats on Defense

As Martin O’Malley and company are about to launch a legislative session that looks to bring us historic spending and..

Banging Spoons

So former leaders of the Maryland Democratic Party are pointing their fingers all tsk-tsk at Republicans over Paul Shurick’s robo..

A Plague Upon Our Legislature

Yesterday, a federal jury acquitted State Senator Ulysses Currie of corruption charges. Currie was accused of taking $250 million from..

They Doth Protest Too Much

So some Montgomery County Democrats, led by House majority leader Kumar Barve, issued a spoon banging statement condemning “offensive” comments..


Amazing…. Just when you thought that the map that was leaked to MarylandReporter.com was the worst that it could be,..

Oligarchy Rules

The final day of the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative session is called sine die, which is Latin for “without day.”..

Red Maryland Update #10

A Red Maryland Update commentary by Mark Newgent and the insanity of Maryland Democrats. Sign up for Red Maryland Network’s..


National Review’s Kevin Williamson wrote an excellent piece debunking the left’s useful myth that public sector unions are a “counterweight”..