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Not Good Enough

Well it looks like the General Assembly’s Spending Affordability Committee has advised Governor O’Malley to freeze state spending when he..

Get Real

Len Lazarick reported yesterday about the work of the General Assembly Compensation Commission, which determines whether or not the members..


In Martin O’Malley’s never ending quest to show he is incompetent when it comes to fiscal matters, he announced his..

Thanks for playing along

Republicans, conservatives, and sane people in the state of Maryland have been saying for some time now that fiscal policy..

Welcome to the Real World

We have noted for some time the general fiscal incompetence of the O’Malley Administration, and the generally morally reprehensible ideology..

Our Fiscal Dilemma

Issac Smith had a quote in a comment today in FSP that I thought was worthy of note. “We have..

Here we go again

Not that I want to continue to prop up the left wing through pointing out their fallacies, Eric Luedtke has..

The Porcari Principle

Are you familiar with the Peter Principle, the certain people rise to their own level of incompetence? Well, in Maryland..