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They Aren’t Cuddly

They Aren’t Cuddly

Last summer my neighbor had an unexpected noontime vistor. A smallish, probably 250-lb, black bear decided his birdfeeder was just..

Marylanders Agree With O’Malley

O’Malley Watch posted an interesting story yesterday, partially tongue in cheek, on O’Gov’s propensity for taxing things that doesn’t affect..

Paving the Road

A couple of hundred dump trucks filled with good intentions have arrived in Howard County. And County Executive Ken Ulman..

Saying No to Venezuela

Sometimes liberals just leave you scratching your head. For a political philosophy that purported values human rights, what is it..

SCHIP Bullchip

Last week the Dems trotted out a 12-year-old Baltimore boy to make their case for why the evil Bush administration..

Another Great Idea…

I know this is probably well intentioned and not just an crass attempt at profile enhancement but Representative John Sarbanes’s..

Don’t Believe the Hype

Free State Politics is firing up the hype machine and harping the MSTA talking points in favor of throwing more..

More Smoke from O’Governor

Governor O’Malley is sniveling again. No surprise there. His mood seems to be one of high dudgeon whether he’s dealing..

More Eyewash from O’Governor

Today’s Washington Post reveals that Governor O’Malley is not simply a taxaholic. He’s actually a very compassionate man who is..

The Free Lunch Budget

David Lublin at Maryland Politics Watch posts a letter from fourteen “progressive” (i.e. far left) state senators to Governor O’Malley..
Misguided Protest

Misguided Protest

And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously. “Them”, of course, being the very, very, very earnest and self-righteous..

Oooooh. Classy.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the “white candidate” in Baltimore’s mayoral primary is talking tough: Taking his most negative approach..