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The Pro-Abortion Lie

The Pro-Abortion Lie

Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of reading a post by a contributor I know that tried to justify the pro-abortion..

Red Maryland Update # 9

Brian Griffiths with a commentary asking, “Why do liberals hate the poor?” Sign up for Red Maryland Network’s Syndication Feed..

Meaningless Numbers

The left has decided to examine Governor Ehrlich’s chances of unseating Martin O’Malley next year, and Adam Pagnucco decided to..

Never Ceasing to Amaze

This is not the first time we have heard Democrats float this idea, but it never ceases to amaze me..

Maybe they get it?

I was surprised to read this: On every other measure, Fairfax residents and businesses pay lower taxes than their counterparts..

Marc Fisher Gets Mugged

It’s been said that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged… or had their ability to hire a..

Once and Again

No matter how bad the budget deficit gets, leftists in Annapolis still always come back the bad idea of public..

Way to Hang Together, MoCo

I think nearly all of us have scratched our head in bemusement at the failure of the Montgomery County delegation..
Peter Franchot As Parody

Peter Franchot As Parody

“I do wish to express my opposition to any effort to link this health care plan with slot machine gambling,”..
The ICC Is A Go

The ICC Is A Go

After 50 years of fighting the Intercounty Connector will finally be built. [U.S. District Judge Williams,Jr.], who sits in Greenbelt,..

We Win a Small One

The money grubbers at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation were defeated in their raid on our pocketbooks. It looks like a..
And By Their Works, etc…

And By Their Works, etc…

Idiots, especially, are known this way. Here I’m talking about Howard County Democrat Delegate Shane Pendergrass. Over in my area..