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Nuance is not Leadership

Judd Legum sure does love to tell tall tales about his fundraising prowess. Legum has repeatedly stated that he is..

Judd Legum Smacked Down

Judd Legum has been running around spinning a yarn implying that Delegate Ron George bought his seat in the House..

Legum’s Well Runs Dry

Judd Legum raised tens of thousands of dollars from out of state interests….but apparently he is having trouble raising $5,000..
Judd Legum Hugs Thugs

Judd Legum Hugs Thugs

Our favorite bought and paid for Washington insider “Progressive Democrat” Judd Legum was as proud as a peacock today: Proud..

In case you mised it…

….Anne Arundel County’s Mark Hyman reiterated a number of my arguments about Judd Legum and his connection to the far-left..
Legum’s New… Low

Legum’s New… Low

UPDATE:Add the Maryland Democratic Party to the liar list. Way to earn all that corporate funding kids! Now we can..


…..let’s take a look at the last two people in political circles who have employed Judd Legum. One was Secretary..

Keep one eye on New York

Looks like the New York Times is readying a scandalous story centered on New York Governor David Paterson that will..

Judd Legum: On $ale Now

Well, if you had any preconceived notion that Judd Legum’s campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates was about serving..
Memo to Judd Legum

Memo to Judd Legum

All of those people you say allegedly support the President’s economic policies…..yeah, where are they again? As short-term optimism about..


Our good friend Judd Legum is in complete denial about the anti-tax movement sweeping the country. Legum, who takes offense..