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King Nothing

We knew Governor O’Malley’s congressional redistricting effort would be an overtly partisan exercise. However, the token Republican O’Malley appointed to..

Reilly Blurs the Line

Senator Ed Reilly’s new mailer really blurs the line between fact and fiction:Reilly Mailing Rec’d 20100821 This is one of..

More Delicious Irony Please!

According to the Washington Post Maryland Politics blog, Delegate James King (R-Anne Arundel) is launching a primary challenge against fellow..

The Five in 33

Surprisingly (at least to me) only five candidates applied to fill the State Senate vacancy created by the resignation of..
Name that Troll!

Name that Troll!

If you’ve been paying any attention to doings over here at RedMaryland, you’ve noticed that we’ve got ourselves a little..

A Big Whiff

What is that breeze you feel? It is Delegate James King striking out in his lame attempt to smear bloggers..

Lest We Forget

As the Special Session rolls into the rear view mirror, last week’s promises to take action against those who made..

How Mad Are You Really?

Many have expressed their consternation, nay anger, at the vote of Del. James King (R?-33A) to enable the largest tax..


My good friend Nic Kipke had his breakfast fundraiser this morning, and originally the guest speaker was supposed to be..


For a few hours yesterday it seemed like that even if we couldn’t stop the freight train to perdition we..

King Statement

I was forwarded a copy of a statement released by the aforementioned Delegate James King. This is the statement, without..