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About the BOOST Program…

About the BOOST Program…

Democrats in Annapolis, including three potential candidates for Governor, went out of their way today to attack Governor Larry Hogan’s..
Where’s the Outrage?

Where’s the Outrage?

Last week, the Maryland Democratic Party was outraged that Governor Larry Hogan flew to Las Vegas to attend a conference..


By this point, you’d have to been under a rock to not realize that CASA de Maryland is going to..

Typical Progressives

Leave it to the yahoos at Progressive Maryland (comically described by the Sun as a “Worker Advocacy Group”) to suggest..

Pot, Kettle, Vinny DeMarco

So Vinny DeMarco is calling Andy Harris’ query on when his congressional health care plan kicks in, “blatant hypocrisy.” In..

In$urance Follie$

Maryland’s Legislative Democrats continue to wage war on the working poor on behalf of their trial lawyer benefactors in Annapolis,..

The Forgotten Point

Adam Pagnucco over at Maryland Politics Watch has been jumping up and down screaming about a subsidy for a new..


Our good friend Judd Legum is in complete denial about the anti-tax movement sweeping the country. Legum, who takes offense..


Apparently Susan Reimer never learned the Golden Rule: “treat others as you would like to be treated.“ After Reimer’s hateful,..

Not Quite

Adam Pagnucco has accused me of “lacking consistency” when it comes to the fact that Governor Palin is more qualified..