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15 Minutes for 9/29/2013

ICYMI, check out this week’s episode of “15 Minutes” with our guest host, Howard County Board of Education Member Brian Meshkin...
HoCo Has a Rain Tax Calculator

HoCo Has a Rain Tax Calculator

Thanks to a new web-based impervious surface estimator created by Howard County’s Geographic Information Services, county residents and businesses can..

The Battle Continues

The saga over the Obama Worship in Howard County continues to percolate, with WUSA TV-9 doing a story on it..

Talking Bollocks

Jeff Quinton has one of the more amazingly deluded “clarifications” I have ever read in my life, this one coming..

Paving the Road

A couple of hundred dump trucks filled with good intentions have arrived in Howard County. And County Executive Ken Ulman..

Ken Ulman: Scofflaw

Howard County Excutive Ken Ulman has employed an illegal immigrant as his house keeper for the past year and a..

All Your Stuff Are Belong To Us

From the Washington Post Howard County Executive Ken Ulman sharply defended his effort to require stricterenvironmental standards for commercial and..