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The Beginning of the End?

Ed Fuelener from Heritage made some very valid points about the Stimulus Debacle: This bill has been advertised as an..

Easily Predictable

Remember when Governor O’Malley insisted on raising discretionary spending by $500 million back during the 2007 Special Session? Yeah, about..

Economy be Damned

Who’s worried about the Wall Street Meltdown? Certainly not Democratic Delegate Heather Mizeur: No matter who wins the presidential race..

What remains unsaid

The Sun again realizes something that has existed for quite some time: Maryland’s rural areas are likely to have a..

Breaking news from 2004….

Gee, somebody should do something about this: Although the state has plenty of doctors, it doesn’t have enough who actually..

The Cracks Appear

Governor O’Malley’s “three legged stool” strategy to solve the state’s “structural deficit”, i.e., tax increases, spending cuts, and slots, is..


Them’s a lot of zeros, bubba. I meant to post on this earlier but got sidetracked. In light of the..

Fool me twice, etc.

Ben Cardin was in my ‘hood, or at least close by it, on Tuesday to announce an infusion of federal..