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This Weekend’s Undercard

Apparently there’s discontent beyond Chairman Alex Mooney, as National Committeeman Louis Pope has been the target of the the Maryland..

We Get Letters

Anne Arundel County Central Committee Vice-Chairman and friend of the network Scott Shaffer sent this piece to us, to Michael..

Being Generally Unhelpful

From the file of ways to neither win friends nor influence people comes tonight’s story out of Howard County. The..

You Make the Call

Now it’s your turn to decided who should be the next Maryland Republican Party Chairman: Free Blog Poll

Contract Matters

You might have seen this story today regarding State GOP Chairman Jim Pelura’s push to create a “Contract with Maryland.”..


If you haven’t noticed, a new an essentially anonymous blog called Maryland Politics Blog has been peddling a story about..

Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Well, it looks like we’ve got another self-made crisis in the Maryland Republican Party, as Jim Pelura fired Justin Ready..

Don’t Wince…..Act

There is a piece by Dan Balz in the Post today nothing that some Republicans are “wincing” by the statements..

Going Both Ways

Supporters of Ken Blackwell’s candidacy for RNC Chairman have been critical of the “moderate” positions taken by Michael Steele. But..

I don’t get it

One of the things that has been most puzzling to me in recent days has been a seeming conservative backlash..

Two Days Late

Two days after reading it here, the Sun finally gets around to reporting John Flynn’s departure (without crediting me, of..

John Flynn’s Warped World

If this quote is even close to accurate…..: Before the first vote is cast Tuesday in Maryland’s primary, the state’s..