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Leave Us Alone!

Leave Us Alone!

Apparently one of the most pressing issues for some Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly is to find a way..

Senators in Space

I just watched MPT’s State Circle from Friday night and I think State Senator Verna Jones needs to come back..

In$urance Follie$

Maryland’s Legislative Democrats continue to wage war on the working poor on behalf of their trial lawyer benefactors in Annapolis,..

Starve the Beast

Well it looks like the poster-child for failed state agencies doesn’t have enough money to keep things going into the..


There’s no way around it: Delegate Don Dwyer is getting a raw deal from Legislative Leadership and the media on..

The issues at stake

Today marks the opening of yet another “90 days of terror” known as the Maryland General Assembly session. My plan..

3B, or not 3B

We have done a pretty extensive job of documenting the situation in District 3B, from the resignation of turncoat Rick..

Get Real

Len Lazarick reported yesterday about the work of the General Assembly Compensation Commission, which determines whether or not the members..

Let the Sunshine In

In one of those rare instances in which the left and right of the Maryland blogosphere can wholeheartedly agree, Adam..
Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

My RedMaryland colleague Michael Swartz has done some excellent analysis about the likely prospects of Congressional and Legislative reapportionment here..

Sin Wagon

Once again it looks like some Democrats are going to go into the 2010 General Assembly session hellbent on raising..

Never Ceasing to Amaze

This is not the first time we have heard Democrats float this idea, but it never ceases to amaze me..

The Five in 33

Surprisingly (at least to me) only five candidates applied to fill the State Senate vacancy created by the resignation of..

Thanks for playing along

Republicans, conservatives, and sane people in the state of Maryland have been saying for some time now that fiscal policy..