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Oligarchy Rules

The final day of the Maryland General Assembly’s legislative session is called sine die, which is Latin for “without day.”..

Red Maryland Update # 12

Greg Kline presents a commentary on the absurd lengths taken by the democrats in the General Assembly to justify raising..

The Wrong Hill

More than likely this is the week that the State Senate will take up the gay marriage bill, probably starting..

Another Energy Tax

Two Montgomery County state Senators, Rob Garagiola and Roger Manno, both Democrats have introduced legislation that will increase Maryland utility..

The Danger in Litmus Testing

I already wrote extensively about the bad news that Senator Allan Kittleman’s resignation from leadership has for the State Party..

Well How About That

Remember back at the end of 2007 when the Baltimore Sun boldly proclaimed “the deficit slain” ? It was an..
Once More into the Breach

Once More into the Breach

This week a new session of the Maryland General Assembly will begin. Buoyed by their electoral success the statist democratic..