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The Wrong Hill

More than likely this is the week that the State Senate will take up the gay marriage bill, probably starting..

The Danger in Litmus Testing

I already wrote extensively about the bad news that Senator Allan Kittleman’s resignation from leadership has for the State Party..

Forests and Trees

Today’s news that State Senator Allan Kittleman was resigning as majority leader in part due to his support of Civil..
Once More into the Breach

Once More into the Breach

This week a new session of the Maryland General Assembly will begin. Buoyed by their electoral success the statist democratic..

Time for Civil Unions?

At the risk of certain people calling for revocation of my conservative decoder ring, I happen to think Allan Kittleman’s..


There’s no way around it: Delegate Don Dwyer is getting a raw deal from Legislative Leadership and the media on..

The Gay Marriage Pander

For someone who has been in politics as long as Martin O’Malley one would think that he’d have developed some..

Water is Wet, Fire is Hot

Martin O’Malley can pander with the best of them. (hat tip to O’Malley Watch) The Washington Blade reports that all..