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Governor O’Malley and Big Labor

Following up with yesterday’s post about Maryland, labor, and the O’Malley Administration comes more complaints from the left regarding the..


Some people are just idiots, willing to take a “principled” stand, but generally just content to make a jackass out..

What’s good for the goose….

Here’s something funny regarding legislators getting wined and dined by lobbyists: Sean Dobson, executive director of Progressive Maryland, is critical..

Wow! What a Comeback

Paul Foer, who gave us this ridiculous screed, had…..this for a comeback: It’s no secret that the blogosphere is open..

This deserves an answer

In my critique Saturday of Paul Foer’s somewhat bizarre rant on in-school war protesting, Streiff made an interesting comment: Does..

Brighter Ideas

The concept of CFLs are not new, though I was writing about them long before we knew about the environmental..

Hysteria, meet reality

This is less than surprising (H/T Instapundit): The Kyoto treaty was agreed upon in late 1997 and countries started signing..

Misfiring on all cylinders

University of Baltimore Law Professor Kenneth Lasson goes on a predictably leftist, completely unscholarly tirade about the 2nd Amendment in..

Stupid FSP Tricks

Eric Luedtke seriously needs to get a clue: Had Governor Ehrlich spent any time dealing with substantive issues like, say,..

Dog Bites Man…

…or Fringe Lefties endorse Fringe Leftist. Frankly, until such a time as a Republican actually shows signs of life in..

The Dope Show

I’m hesitant to even give Free State Politics more traffic then they deserve, but since Andrew Kujan has to be..