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A Disturbed and Desperate Lot

How despicable and desperate have the Maryland Democrats become? Enough to wildly throw accusations out into the wild without one..

Golden Oldie

I was just perusing the archives here and found this interesting little reminder about Democratic efforts last year (and I’m..


Our good friend Judd Legum is in complete denial about the anti-tax movement sweeping the country. Legum, who takes offense..

At it Again

Well, Judd Legum is at it again, and he’s getting this lying thing down pretty pat, because he got caught..

Della goes Balls Deep

Apparently all of Baltimore City’s problems have been solved. Why else would State Senator George Della of Baltimore City introduce..

I Get Letters….

Judd Legum springs to Judd Legum’s defense by email: Dear Brian: Thanks for your interest in my blog. I just..

Don’t Look Now….

…..but the local whack jobs are already doing their part to try to bring down Michael Steele. Well, I suppose..

Baiting, Switching

Let’s end the year on a real down note, with the idea from Oregon that Big Brother is going to..

Who Needs Freedom?

If you read the Baltimore Sun on a regular basis, you read a lot of editorials which are trite, juvenile,..

Class is in session

Eric Luedtke, after discussing some language from Progressive Maryland, on the state of working Maryland: This is what makes efforts..
I Get Letters

I Get Letters

Needless to say that yesterday’s post about Paul Foer earned me a nastygram….from Paul Foer: from Paul Foer to brian@briangriffiths.com..

Take the Hint

Well, the joker who came up with the “Big O” is just not going to take no for an answer:..

Just Pathetic

Need I say more (H/T Moe Lane): And now, if a Los Angeles creative agency gets its way, Sen. Barack..

You Don’t Say

Who didn’t see this coming? A liberal lobbying group has given its former director its highest rating on a legislative..

Too Smart by Half

Eric Luedtke trots out a theory that Mike Miller is in all actuality going to retire, he’s just not telling..