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Amsued by their petulance

The petulance of FSP blogger “lefty” is amusing: All in all, here’s the deal: the debate is a foolish one,..


Crossposted on briangriffiths.com, RedMaryland, and Free State Politics…. OK, I’ve pretty much had enough of the liberal blogosphere trying to..

Stupid FSP Tricks

Eric Luedtke seriously needs to get a clue: Had Governor Ehrlich spent any time dealing with substantive issues like, say,..

Right and Wrong

Isaac Smith is both right and wrong at the same time: It’s good that the special session didn’t collapse, but..

It still doesn’t register

Young Master Kujan still doesn’t understand the econ of this: Is it grounds to support a reactionary filibuster that could..

Dog Bites Man…

…or Fringe Lefties endorse Fringe Leftist. Frankly, until such a time as a Republican actually shows signs of life in..

Naïveté Is So Cute

Free State Politics’s Andrew Kujan on the O’Malley tax extravaganza: Either way, when looking at the list of included services,..

Meeting Expectations

As I expected, Kujan misses my point completely: Yes, yes they do. I never claimed they didn’t. I claimed that..

You mean, we can cut from this?

Good news. The liberal blogosphere has discovered the concept of budget cutting. I don’t necessarily agree with Lublin’s premise that..

A One Time Answer

My co-blogger Brian Griffiths notes below a rather silly comment that has appeared on Free State Politics. Interesting also, is..