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Golden Oldie

I was just perusing the archives here and found this interesting little reminder about Democratic efforts last year (and I’m..

Class is in session

Eric Luedtke, after discussing some language from Progressive Maryland, on the state of working Maryland: This is what makes efforts..

Not Quite

Adam Pagnucco has accused me of “lacking consistency” when it comes to the fact that Governor Palin is more qualified..


On Isaac’s post regarding Governor Palin, it’s turning into a jungle over there: That’s your final answer, Brian? Is there..

You Gotta Wonder

Maybe this explains why the left wing doesn’t get economics. FSP’er Scott Goldberg said this: In order to help John..
I Get Letters

I Get Letters

Needless to say that yesterday’s post about Paul Foer earned me a nastygram….from Paul Foer: from Paul Foer to brian@briangriffiths.com..

You Don’t Say

Who didn’t see this coming? A liberal lobbying group has given its former director its highest rating on a legislative..

Here we go again

Not that I want to continue to prop up the left wing through pointing out their fallacies, Eric Luedtke has..

Too Smart by Half

Eric Luedtke trots out a theory that Mike Miller is in all actuality going to retire, he’s just not telling..

Now this is interesting

Isaac Smith is floating a trial balloon about the concept of far-left Democrats finding a primary challenger for Steny Hoyer..

Real Quiet

I notice that Maryland Democrats, both on and offline, have gotten real quiet about the troubles of Ulysses Currie. Considering..

This deserves an answer

In my critique Saturday of Paul Foer’s somewhat bizarre rant on in-school war protesting, Streiff made an interesting comment: Does..

Plenty of Reasons Why

There is probably a good reason why the Free State Politics crowd stopped talking about global warming when Maryland’s conservative..