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The Great Frack Attack

Here’s the policy brief I worked on for Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation exposing the donors, activists, foundations, media, and academics behind..

Another Energy Tax

Two Montgomery County state Senators, Rob Garagiola and Roger Manno, both Democrats have introduced legislation that will increase Maryland utility..
All fracked up

All fracked up

In a poor attempt at a balanced Baltimore Sun oped on hydraulic fracturing or fracking—the process of extracting natural gas..

Seeing the Light?

You will never guess who wrote this lament: So the resulting energy tax hike is both large and narrowly targeted:..


Martin O’Malley: He brings higher energy costs to life. From my latest piece: Ecomagination” is the name General Electric..

WFSI Update

My interview on global warming and energy is set to air in five minute segments on “Community Involvement”, a program..