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The O’Malley Recession Deepens

While Governor Martin O’Malley traipses around the country running for President promoting his party’s agenda, maybe he should stop for..

Mr. Magnanimous

Looks like Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell still doesn’t get it. Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin M...

Trillion Dollar Baby

Well, if anything is going to stay the course under the Obama Administration, it looks like it will be fiscal..

Resurrecting the Myth

A column in the Sun by Atwood “Woody” Collins III, Chairman of the Greater Baltimore Committee, this morning once again..

Not the way things were

lefty made a comment about the New Deal that I think deserves special attention: The New Deal regulatory regime worked..

Just Say No

I haven’t really written too much about the proposed Wall Street Bailout as of yet, mainly because the story is..

Does anyone understand?

If you want to understand why the O’Malley Administration cannot get a handle of basic economics, and if you want..

Stimulus Silliness

It is amazing the level of silliness government will go to in order to get good press: Congressional leaders announced..

This Hypocritical State

Radley Balko nails it: The workers who clean Baltimore’s Camden Yards baseball stadium are planning a hunger strike to protest..

Playing Chicken

After being lectured by the left on how much it sucks to work at the stadiums and not try to..

Stadium Worker Economics

Many of my friends here at Maryland Politics have posted/counter-posted in reference to assertions made by Andrew Kujan. The most..